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Love and Revenge

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Love and Revenge

Man is created to worship Almighty and be his successor on earth. When one strives to commit to Almighty God’s guidance  to the fullest extent, he reaches the level of angels, and the further he strays from it, the closer he gets to  devil. Therefore, it can be said that humans possess both good and evil within them, just as they experience happiness and sadness, generosity and greed, or activity and laziness, among other binary qualities.

There is also another combination, i.e, love and revenge simultaneously. You may observe a person who was seeking the affection of his beloved yesterday, you find him seeking revenge  on her today, baring his  claws for the only reason  that his beloved has the right to refuse him. In doing so, he grants himself the authority to enact the art of revenge, reflecting an image of diminished masculinity and immaturity, forgetting that there are plenty of fish in the sea…

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