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 Child..Are you Bullied in School?

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 Child..Are you Bullied in School

Dear Child,

Bullying can be physical or verbal agression. Do you know that no body has the right to bully you?. So if it happens you being bullied, then the first thing you MUST do is inform your parents, teachers or school admistrators..They solve this issue.

To Parents: Signs your child is being Bullied

  • Ripped clothing.

  • Hesitation to go to school.

  • Decreased appetite.

  • Nightmares

  • Depression or anxiety.

To the Child,

  • Show the bullies that you are strong and ignore them.

  • Don’t bully back.

  • Don’t be alone at school..Be with one or more friends wherever you go..

  • Stay positive..recite positive affirmations.

  • Manage your stress…practice a hobby.

  • Remember that bullies are unhappy people who take out their frustrations on others.

  • Remember that bullies won’t last for long, and you will be stronger in the end and able to help other bullied people.


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