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Child..Do you Feel Lonely?

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Child..Do you Feel Lonely?


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Dear child…

If you live in a home where your parents often argue or are constantly preoccupied, making you feel lonely, here’s what you should know:

– Strengthen your relationship with God and understand that He is the one who will protect you in this life.

– No matter the flaws of your parents, they love you more than anyone else on Earth, and you’ll realize this more as you grow older.

– What your parents provide for you now is everything they have and know. Don’t judge them while you’re still young.

– Accept your parents with all their imperfections, as there is no person on Earth without flaws.

– Regardless of how your parents behave towards you, try to be kind to them.

– Take care of your studies; it’s your only path to a bright future and your happiness.

– Don’t neglect your dreams.

– Pursue a hobby you love, as hobbies often compensate for the absence of friends.

– Group activities are an opportunity to create new friendships. Be selective in choosing good friends; they will help you overcome difficulties you may encounter at home.

– Be a source of happiness for your parents.

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