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Inner Child ( Part 01)

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Inner Child

(Part 01)

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          In psychology, inner child is part of our subconscious mind which carries our childhood experiences of playfulness and fun as it carries our past trauma or other emotional pain. Such past  negative experiences as physical and emotional abuse, or growing in a broken family.The inner child can recall good experiences as well as good experiences.

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As adults, we all have inner child, and if childhood trauma isn’t addressed, it can resurface in new ways throughout adulthood. It will manifest in distress in personal relationships; the difficulty in meeting one’s own needs; fragility in facing crises; inability to move on emotionally; the constant fall in toxic relationships; difficulty to connect with one’s emotions or with others and might stand in the way of making healthy relationships, among others.

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        Inner child is what shapes us into the person we are today. Therefore, taking a step back and reflecting on it would be the best way to move forward to a better place.


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