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Miserable Souls

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Miserable souls

True misery is not in deprivation of money and a comfortable life…it is in the moral vacuum that deprives the soul of its inner peace…when you:

 – Act hypocritically for the sake of whatever luck.

– Decrease the value of the other in order to appear better than him.

– Take revenge on a person who had every right to say the word “no.”

– Become deceived by what you have and arrogant towards others.

– Do not rejoice in the blessing of others.

– Criticize the achievement of others and look for faults in it.

– Build your happiness at the expense of others.

– Bully the other person though he does not even know you.

– Get busy with the lives of others and forget to develop yourself.

– See yourself as more deserving of blessings than others.

These are souls who do not know the true meaning of the beauty of life and need to reconsider themselves or even treatment if necessary.

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