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Problems are Contagious

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The problems are contagious. Often, I see through the news how developed countries are seeking ways to alleviate the problems of developing countries with which they have a direct or indirect relationship. The first thing that comes to my mind is the humane aspect, which seems to reflect a great deal of respect on my part. For example, in recent years, the phenomenon of illegal immigration by unemployed youth who face social problems in their own country, in search of a better life in a foreign land, has become dominant. Naturally, the first affected by this phenomenon is the country that hosts them. That is why we see many conferences and laws aimed at reducing this phenomenon, and one of the most important solutions is assisting the origin countries in solving their problems.

This situation is not much different from our personal lives. Often, we encounter people who cause us problems in one way or another, and we find ourselves struggling with them, distancing ourselves from them, and forgiving them at  other times, in a never-ending cycle. But have we ever thought that these individuals may have their own internal problems that we are unaware of? Have we ever thought about offering them help so that their presence next to us does not negatively impact our lives?

Regardless of how we classify them, whether as toxics, misguided individuals, or envious people with a sense of inferiority, all of this boils down to one expression: they are people who need assistance. If we don’t help them solve their problems, their presence next to us will continue to disrupt our lives. So, which option do we choose: distancing ourselves or offering them help?

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