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Shine with Beauty in Ramadan

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Muslims fast one month once a year in order to accomplish one of the pillars of Islam. How does fast from dawn to sunset improves one’s beauty?

          The essence of fast is to purify the human soul and actions from meanness. Fast would not be accepted by God only by stopping food, drink and intimate relations, but it should be accompanied by the fast of the senses; the ear should fast from hearing abuses, backbiting or insults; the tongue should not backbite others, gossip, or tell lies, either it speaks good or keeps silent; the hand should not steal or bit others; the eyes should not see what is forbidden. Therefore, the self is refined and its bond with its Creator is stronger. So Ramadan is a great chance to revise one’s behaviour and renew the relation with God.

          At the physical level, fast improves digestion, lowers blood sugar, improves brain functions, helps in weight loss, detoxifies the body and improves the immune system. All these would reflect in a healthy skin and brighter eyes.

          At the social life images of charity and tolerance increase. Ramadan is also an opportunity to gather with families and friends in the evenings in happy faith atmosphere.

          By the end of Ramadan, one is spiritually and physically reborn crowned by a suit of light. It is the light of faith. This is the true beauty, the eternal beauty.

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